ha.l.x.q.ac - q.ac - This is a premium name

ha.l.x.q.ac is powered by Apache and has 1 DNS entries . The authorative whois server for the top level domain 'ac' is whois.nic.ac

q.ac - This is a premium name

Content preview from ha.l.x.q.ac: In a world of long domain names, a premium, short and memorable domain name is a very attractive URL for a website or email. They are easier to remember, faster to type, and are bold, distinctive ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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ha.l.x.q.ac : [0], 96 bytes, 18.5 ms (18.5 avg, 0% loss)
ha.l.x.q.ac : [1], 96 bytes, 18.2 ms (18.3 avg, 0% loss)

ha.l.x.q.ac : xmt/rcv/%loss = 2/2/0%, min/avg/max = 18.2/18.3/18.5



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