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Shorten the URL with only numbers! Numbers are ... Easy to Write, Easy to Tell, Easy to type on a smart phone or keyboard. Long URL in Presentation, Ads or Flyer on Bulletin Board,When writing URL in a Letter, Ads or Flyer on Bulletin Board, People with difficulties. You can use hyphens, periods, comma and asterisks as separators.. QR-Codes: Please download this QR image. You can use it freely.

Content preview from twitter / is the work which took part in the Mashup Awards 8.Links to adlut sites or harmful pages are prohibited. - MEMO - Abbreviate, compress, shorten, cut long url or address by number or numeral digit, for easier to write, simpler to type, more convenient to say or tell or speak or make a note. To attract mobile user and customers, including people with difficulties, on ads or flyer, letter, hand-writing, poster, presentation, information, for

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