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Aerodynamics has been a family owned and run business for 25 years; we operate all of our aircraft, meaning we know the aircraft we have for sale inside out. Each and every one of the aircraft that we have for sale or lease have been selected by us, to be part of our fleet for a specific purpose. Each aircraft in our fleet has been through rigorous checks and a thorough PPI in order for us to purchase them for our operating customers. When we sell one of our aircraft you know it has been looked after as we put every effort in to sourcing the best quality aircraft for our requirements. We ourselves operate a King Air 200 and a Cessna Caravan for all of our business trips. We sell aircraft that we have experience with and only sell a product that we believe in. We have a small staff that all share the same enthusiasm for the Aircraft. Aerodynamics have bought, leased, sold, ferried and operated King Airs, Cessna Caravans and many other aircraft worldwide. If one of our aircraft for sale meets your specific requirements and needs you can rest assured that the product you are purchasing has already had many hours of research and expertise invested in it.

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