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Content preview from www.nata.aero: In 2017, Congress must develop another FAA reauthorization bill.  FAA bills are typically of multi-year duration and are the means by which Congress establishes aviation policy, makes FAA programs - including airport funding - eligible for federal funding (appropriations), and determines the levels of air transportation taxation.  Historically, this bill provides the aviation business community the means to advance a common-sense, pro-aviation business agenda.  It also poses potential risks to o

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Nata ist ein Fluss in Simbabwe in der Provinz Nordmatabeleland, der auf halbem Weg zwischen Bulawayo und Plumtree entspringt und nach Westen durch semiarides Gebiet nach Botswana in die Makgadikgadi-Salzpfannen fließt und dort verdunstet.


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